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Bryn Jones, a singer and songwriter, music man, hard core troubadour, lead singer and the bass player of hard rockin' band

Los Bastardos Finlandeses!

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Bryn Jones began his career thirty years ago, singing and playing bass in Ember Sea, a rock band from Essex. As part of the late eighties UK rock scene, touring and producing their own EP and single they worked their way up to be a headline act at the legendary Marquee Club. He also took up acoustic guitar and started busking until he got his first solo gigs singing in Greek restaurants! He continued to work the bars and restaurants as a troubadour whilst singing in bands playing original material. The Big Call, a fourteen piece rhythm & blues band, The Firebyrds, who played southern rock and then Jones, his own band. Together with Matt Raynor, the keyboard player from Ember Sea and then The Firebyrds they formed London's most under appreciated answer to the Grateful Dead - dubbed the most punk rock band in London, for their dedication to the San Francisco hippy vibe, they spent months touring Holland where their extended jams found their audience. They also met girls, one of whom was Finnish!

In April `98 Bryn re-located to Helsinki, Finland. A smaller scene than London, but one steeped in rock n roll. His first gig was warming up for punk legend, Pelle Miljoona at Vanha, the Helsinki University venue. He would later translate one of Pelle's hits, "Mottoritie On Kuuma" into English. The guitarist in the house band that night was Rocka Merilahti, with whom he would work for several years when they formed Zook. Meanwhile, Ben Granfelt, one of the country's best known guitarists took Bryn around Finland as his touring guest vocalist. They decided to form an original band called April Fools, with the rhythm section from psychedelic stars, Kingston Wall. Sami Kuoppamäki on drums and Jukka Jylli on bass completed an exciting line-up that lasted six gigs before Ben joined Wishbone Ash. Bryn got back to work playing the Scandinavian Irish pub circuit. However, it was only a matter of time before the desire to play original music kicked in. Teaming up guitarist, Rocka Merilahti with Jylli on bass and Sami on drums, Bryn now in his mid thirties was fronting Zook. The emphasis was on songs and rhythm and live shows were very successful. Their only album Root Canal Recovery made the Top 20 in the Finnish chart but during the recording of the second album, musical differences became as much of a headache as root canal treatment and the band split before the second album was released.

In 2OO6 the troubadour threw his hat into the ring with his first acoustic CD - Bug Jam Ballistic, but as soon as the CD's arrived from the factory he began singing in another band - Los Bastardos Finlandeses. Featuring wild man Twist Twist Erkinharju on drums and fellow ex-Leningrad Cowboy, Devil Virtanen on guitar, they played a more straightforward, fast and loud style of rock n roll. Bassist Jussi Kinnunen had been a teenage prodigy with Hassisen Kone, but now added his expertise to the songs of guitarist, Olli Kykkanen. They quickly found a loyal following amongst the bikers, beer drinkers and hellraisers and have toured with Aerosmith, Motorhead and Hanoi Rocks as well as opening for ZZTOP, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, UFO, Thin Lizzy and Dio. After three albums Devil and Jussi left. Ben Granfelt took over guitar duties whilst Bryn picked up his bass guitar again. Recently Ben has moved on to continue his solo career and young gun Ailu Immonen is the new guitar man for Bastardos.

Whilst work continues on new material for Los Bastardos, his second solo CD, Troubadour Whore, has been completed. Following the theme from Bug Jam Ballistic, the songs are stripped bare, man and guitar performances. Jukka Jylli took charge of recording and mixing and has added bass to some songs. Still the vintage blues and country style of storytelling and confession is at the heart of the album.


Over the last thirty years, Bryn Jones has played over 5000 shows, from stadium concerts to neighborhood dives. With his band, Los Bastardos Finlandeses he has toured with some of the biggest names, including Aerosmith and Motorhead. As a lone troubadour, his voice is center stage, rich with character and experience, accompanied by his heart on sleeve guitar style. His rock background brings an attitude and intensity rarely seen in a one man band and he has been a popular, ever present performer on Finland's Radio Rock cruises.

Now he is taking the leap to play original music in solo shows. No easy job when everybody knows that he has one of the largest repertoires of cover songs committed to memory. However his songs are solid, from confessional to comedic; from love songs to protest anthems and running the gamut of emotions from elation to despair .

The Troubadour Whore CD captured live performances of Bryn singing, playing acoustic guitar and harmonica. Jukka Jylli (Kingston Wall) recorded and mixed the album. He has added bass to some songs, a touch of keyboard or mandolin here and there, and yet it retains a raw, stripped down vibe.

Don't miss the chance to see Bryn live in the next stage of his musical journey. His live set features songs from his previous solo CD, Bug Jam Ballistic (2006), Los Bastardos songs unplugged, the Troubadour Whore CD in its entirety as well as a couple of brand new songs. And if you have got any requests, don't be shy! Bryn is available for bookings in 2018 and can be contacted via phone, email, Facebook or Website.

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